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weatherseals and gaskets
rubber and PVC injection molded products
Molded Corners


Since 1974, RENKO® Rubber has been synonymous for innovative high quality EPDM rubber products, including weatherstripping and weatherseals (made of EPDM rubber, soft PVC, PVC and silicone).  Renko® Rubber supplies ready-made and custom-made weatherstripping and weatherseals and sealing systems to the window & door and building industries.  Renko's high quality and customer satisfaction is our business.

Renko® manufactures and distributes weatherseals, weatherstripping, extruded seals, bulb seals, door seals, foam seals, foam strips and glazing gaskets to the window and door industry, along with numerous molded parts for the plumbing and construction industry such as gaskets for  gasketed sewer pipes.

EPDM, PVC and silicone weatherseals

Rubber molded corners for windows

• Silicone gaskets

PVC window and door


Screen Spline

Aluminum windows and doors


Inhouse custom die molds

Steel door

Wood window and door


Greenhouse insulation

Automatic door

Color coated / color coated


Fully colored / colored

Closed-cell foam

Renko® offers self-lubricating   silicon slip coats to help facilitate

their installation

Renko® dry and wet glazing solutions, ideal for any type of windows

Renko® offers our customers color matching / color matching

Renko® now offers our



• Solar Power & Plumbing Group

• Washing machine connection

elements and gaskets

• toilet flappers

• dish washer connection elements

and insulation gaskets

• Electrical House Appliances Group

• Infrastructure Group

• Other​​​

Quality rubber seals, gaskets and molded products and reliable service is what has made us a leading supplier to the window & door and building industry.

Our weatherstripping and weatherseals and rubber molded products, manufactured from top quality EPDM, can be produced in a variety of durometers, in dual-durometer extrusions, as closed-cell foam extrusions and as molded products.

Renko® Rubber will help you achieve your air and water tight specifications by supplying all your sponge and dense extruded rubber seals, gaskets, molded products and weatherstripping.

Expansion Joints

• Rubber molded corners for windows

• Silicone gaskets

Soft PVC gaskets
• Soft PVC gaskets co-extruded with a rigid backing
• EPDM gaskets co-extruded with hydrophilic rubber
• Solid EPDM gaskets with pre-cuts
• Silicone adhesive ​compatible EPDM gaskets
• Fire resistant EPDM gaskets
• TPE co-extruded with PP base
• Solid EPDM gaskets with our "smooth treatment"

For all inquiries, please contact us via our online information request form.

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