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Concrete & PVC Pipe Gaskets              Injection Molded Products

Seals for PVC Sewer Pipes
These products are provided for us and / or sold in the market for a series of servicing and production work in waste water, tap water, agricultural water and consumption resources.  Various products for different applications are provided to our customers for piping and transportation systems.  Each application is handled specifically as part of field solution principles and application specific gaskets are manufactured as per specifications.

Renko Rubber is aware of the fact that insufficient insulation during transportation of liquids by means of concrete pipes, water channels and ditches will cause mass losses and such leakage will create serious health and environmental problems.  Our seals will help eliminate these problems.

Integrated Cement Pipe Seals

Our seals are used to bridge the gap between two cement pipes.  They ensure a tight fitting and a perfect seal, eliminating even the slightest chance of any leakage.  Being integrated into the cement pipe during curing, this ensures that there will be no delaminating between the rubber seal and the cement pipe.

Our concrete pipe  gaskets are designed with ease of installation in mind, longivity and quality; they come pre-lubricated and made of resilient high quality rubber.

Using our concrete pipe gaskets to seal your systems will enable you to reach your watertight specifications.  They can be manufactured for all sizes of round, elliptical and arch pipes.

By using our gaskets, we can also help provide watertight sealing with either a confined groover  or a double shoulder joint design.

Your limits are our limits, we can also provide gaskets for water-tight sealing of single off-set jointed,manholes, culverts and concrete pipes.


Molded Products

Washing machine connection elements
Washing machine connection gaskets
Washing machine insulation gaskets
Dish washer connection elements
Dish washer insulation gaskets
Freezer fan engine shock absorber rubbers
Vacuum Cleaner insulation gaskets
Water drainage pipes
Pump reservoir heater pipes
Engine wedge rubbers
Boiler gaskets
Ventilation pipe groups
Compressor rubbers
Detergent box hose groups
Integrated concrete pipe gaskets
Gasketed Sewer Pipes
Corrugated pipe insulation gaskets
Trapeze irrigation channel gaskets
Channel gaskets
Drip irrigation insulation gaskets
Coupling pipe insulation gaskets
Prefabricated insulation gaskets
Roof Insulation gaskets
Board gaskets
Ladder rubbers
Natural gas boiler diaphragm gaskets
Trailer coils
Suction gaskets
Clamp gaskets
High-way gaskets

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