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RENKO ® Rubber Canada Inc. (Established 1974)


Customized solutions and new processing technologies for natural and synthetic rubber (EPDM rubber) are the focus of systematic research and development. RENKO ®'s EPDM sealing systems for the building industries, are internationally field-tested.

RENKO ® provides a series of services related to the development and application of high quality specialized technical products and services. RENKO ® also develops and introduces new innovative technologies for our potential and existing clients and assist and train personnel for the use and application of these new system technologies.

Renko's ® revolutionary product line capitalizes on state of the art new technologies and technical know-how within our product groups. Although, the raw materials are available and used within the market place, the formulations which RENKO ® introduced, are advanced and beyond the existing technology systems presently being used within the market place.

These new proprietary products incorporate rare redefined know how which has created a strong demand from industry professionals, customers and end users alike.

Quality Control:


Before our products are packaged and shipped to our customers, they must first pass through rigorous quality control tests.  These include 30 different control points within which are over 300 different parameters.

This also includes continuous research & development.  As we always strive for the best, we continue advancements in our products in the light of changing consumer expectations and our unconditional customer satisfaction principle!

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